There are 2 different ways of earning with youtube:
- Youtube Views (0.8) credits
- Youtube Subscription (12 credits)

You can see on the compaign if it is a "view" or a "subscriber" campaign.
You can get only view credits for a view campaign and subscriber credits for a subscriber campaign.
You will get no subscriber credits for a view campaign!

You must be logged in with the same Youtube / Google account you have linked to fanSlave!
If you have linked a different Youtube / Google with fanSlave than the one with whom you are logged in to Youtube / Google ->
you will not Receive Credits for Youtube Views / Youtube Subscriptions.

To get view credits for a view campaign:
Click on the Youtube "view" campaign - a new window will open - watch the video for 30sec - on the old window there is a counter of 30s - if the counter is finished you will see a "get credits" button - which needs to be presses to get credits.

To get subscriber credits for an subscriber campaign:
Click on the Youtube "subscriber" campaign - subscribe the channel - click on "update credits" button in the top of your user panel to get the credits.

Credits can always be checked here: