• to update your account balance, you need to click on 'Your Account' on the Button 'update credits'.
    Note: you don't need to press the Update Credits button after each 'Like'
  • Only fanSlave promotions are paid (left side in 'Your Account').
  • If  "Connect" appears with Facebook on the left side, your Facebook account is not linked correctly.
    In this case please link your Facebook profile with fanSlave
  • It may occasionally happen that several pages are not remunerated. This comes about through fraud.
    We try to avoid this sites, but it can not be prevented 100%.
  • Regularly for a period of 1-3 months, you must link your Facebook account with the app again.
    You will be provided with the following message, which you can confirm by clicking:
    Please click here to reconnect your facebook-account. Otherwise we are not able to update your balance. '

You need a Facebook account with min. 5 friends in order to earn money on fanslave.

A manual / video manual can be found here: