Currently, the clicks on Fanpages are limited to 12 / day.
Furthermore, we are still in the beta phase in which we test the software and therefore not all pages and functions are allowed in the system at present.
We are currently negotiating with various companies to give you as many fan pages as possible, and try to offer you income opportunities.
It can currently happen that there are not a lot of new pages every day or every hour. This will improve the longer the project lasts.

The paid project was started on April, the 13th and thus we are still in the development phase. We ask you to understand this.

Every day we do our best to offer you many fan pages and ask you to grant us some time and visit our project on a regular basis. 
You don't need to visit our project every day or every hour - just visit us if you have time.

We currently expect the following availabilities of new FanPages:


Number of clickable new pages / day

1.5.11 - 30.6.11 1-5
1.7.11 - 31.8.11 5-10
1.9. - 10+

This is an estimate and not a guarantee.
The number of ads varies by

  • country
  • language
  • age
  • gender
  • your fanRank
    - verification of your facebook account (verified = more adds)
    - your activity (more activity = more adds)
    - the number of your friends (more friends0 = more adds)
    - the age of your facebook account (the more old the more adds)

We can only offer as many ads as advertisers are available.

Therefore we simply ask for some patience if there are sometimes only a few clicks per day.
Please give us the time for a proper international procedure for marketing.