You must differ between:

1. fanSlave Captcha
2. facebook Captcha

1. fanSlave Captcha

The fanSlave Captcha is to control illicit activities and functions.
It must be ensured that the user is a real person and not a program / robot.
No advertisers are interested in robots and fake accounts.
We will fight this in several steps.

Theoretically, normal users who use the system in the right way will not see  this fanSlave Capture any time.
We have had two days testing with 20 users running and not one received this fanSlave captcha at any time.
Even if it sometimes appears,  there should not be a problem for a real person to fill this captcha.
We will maintain this function for the benefit of our advertising partners.


It is illegal

to use the home page or the 'Like me' link by automated routines. As far as clicks or similar result from automated routines, they will not be counted. This also applies to automated entry of data when logging in the website.

2. Facebook Capture

The Facebook capture is set by Facebook. If you are not satisfied with the function of Facebook Captures, please contact Facebook.