The delivery time for fans /likes is an estimate.
This value is set for untargeted fans / likes and is normally reached 100% in this segment.

If you work with filters (country, language, age, gender, ...) we can not determine this value safely.
The filters are thus a variable adjustment option on your side - the more strictly you set the filter, the longer the Fan mediation.
You will never lose your credits and therefore you have no loss.
These credits can also be usedt for other fan pages, Twitter pages or other products in our portfolio at any time.

If you need a lot of fans at once, we recommend you set the filter very weak or disabling them.
Of course, this has an adverse effect on the quality of the fans.

Hence you have the choice between a long, high quality building or a rapid, quantitative structure.
The rapid, quantitative structure (untargeted) costs accordingly less money than the qualitative structure (targeted).