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How many credits can I earn a day?

Wieviel Credits Sie verdienen koennen, sehen Sie an der aktuellen Ref-Rally / Credits Rally.
Platz 1 hat derzeit 900 Credits / Tag.

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How can I cash out?

Just click on 'cash out' in your Account Summary.
Enter your payment account and we will deliver your cash after a processing  time of max. 30 days.

A payment is possible from a minimum of 15 €.

We currently offer the following payment options:

You will see the maximum payment date on the cashout page after you have applied for the payment.

If your payment lasts more than 30 days, please contact the support via ticket.

This can happen if your payment has been transferred because of irregularities to our manual inspection department
or you have made ​​a mistake when entering your payment address.

We can only guarantee your payment as long as you follow our rules:

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What is fanRank?

The fanRank algorithm is calculated from the following factors:

  • Facebook account verification
  • Number of friends
  • Interactivity of the account

The higher the fanRank, the

  • more advertisers are interested
  • higher the payout (bonus) for special promotions (up to 14 credits / promotion)

The fanRank values are between ​​0 - 10.


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How can I earn more money?

Currently fanSlave offers 6 possibilities to earn money online:

  • be a fan of a Facebook page you like
  • be a follower of a twitter page you like
  • click Google +1 button on homepages
  • watch Youtube videos
  • visit homepages
  • recommend our products

(In time we are working on other possibilities for you to earn even more money)

The most money you can earn by recommending us.

To do this, simply log in and find your referal code on this page ->


(example referal link code:

When you refer new customers with this referal code - you will earn automatically 15% on all products they buy and also on all subsequent orders.

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Is it possible to change my facebook or twitter account?

Facebook and twitter are prohibiting the creation of multiple accounts per person actually.
Even in our terms, this is clearly prohibited.

It is not possible to change your facebook or twitter account in the fanSlave system - neither automatically nor manually by us.

If you have lost your account or want to use a new Facebook or twitter account
please register a new free fanSlave account and delete your old one.

We recommend you to use fanSlave only with a real active facebook account.
Accounts with a little fanRank get only displayed very few or no fan pages.

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Why can't I always see new fan pages?

Currently, the clicks on Fanpages are limited to 12 / day.
Furthermore, we are still in the beta phase in which we test the software and therefore not all pages and functions are allowed in the system at present.
We are currently negotiating with various companies to give you as many fan pages as possible, and try to offer you income opportunities.
It can currently happen that there are not a lot of new pages every day or every hour. This will improve the longer the project lasts.

The paid project was started on April, the 13th and thus we are still in the development phase. We ask you to understand this.

Every day we do our best to offer you many fan pages and ask you to grant us some time and visit our project on a regular basis. 
You don't need to visit our project every day or every hour - just visit us if you have time.

We currently expect the following availabilities of new FanPages:


Number of clickable new pages / day

1.5.11 - 30.6.11 1-5
1.7.11 - 31.8.11 5-10
1.9. - 10+

This is an estimate and not a guarantee.
The number of ads varies by

  • country
  • language
  • age
  • gender
  • your fanRank
    - verification of your facebook account (verified = more adds)
    - your activity (more activity = more adds)
    - the number of your friends (more friends0 = more adds)
    - the age of your facebook account (the more old the more adds)

We can only offer as many ads as advertisers are available.

Therefore we simply ask for some patience if there are sometimes only a few clicks per day.
Please give us the time for a proper international procedure for marketing.

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Why is there a daily limit?

This depends on how many users there are in relation to the advertisers.
The daily limit will be automatically adapted to the number of advertisers.

Why do I get no reply to my emails? Don't you offer any support?

fanSlave currently has over half a million active users.

Imagine every user would send us a request via email - we would answer messages for several months. Therefore, we ask our users to focus on the forum and use the normal support.

Almost every question has been asked before (see FAQs) and the search on our website can solve almost every problem. We provide extensive information on our homepage.

If your question is still unanswered, please contact the forum - other users will help you there, and sometimes our technical staff.

Please understand - the support for our paying customers takes the majority of our service time.

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Is it legal to make money with fanSlave?

According to our research, it is legal to make money with fanSlave.

No laws are broken, and there is no breach of Facebook rules either.

Facebook Terms and Conditions do not contain any restrictions or provisions as to when a user may or should join a page. The only restriction set by Facebook for private users is that the latter may not use their profiles for commercial purposes. The sale of status notifications is given as an example. We can assume, therefore, that only activities referring to your own profile cannot be used for commercial purposes. What happens with fanSlave, however, is that only registration with fanSlave takes place via the Facebook account, which is also the case with many other web services. There is no pressure or obligation to then attach yourself to a page as a fan, so fanSlave users merely receive a reward for joining a page as a fan using the fanSlave service. This in no way represents a breach of the Facebook Terms and Conditions.

The fact that fanSlave rewards its users with a bonus system also involves no breach of legislation. Users can convert their bonuses to fanSlave services or have them paid out; there is no breach of legislation here either.

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Why do I lose my earned credits?

This is probably because you entered a fan page or a twitter page and got fans or followers from us.
This action costs credits.

For more info click here if logged in:

Find out, if the advertiser's page still exists in Facebook or if it has been deleted. If it has been deleted, your credits will be refunded.

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I get no credits when I click on 'like'

  • to update your account balance, you need to click on 'Your Account' on the Button 'update credits'.
    Note: you don't need to press the Update Credits button after each 'Like'
  • Only fanSlave promotions are paid (left side in 'Your Account').
  • If  "Connect" appears with Facebook on the left side, your Facebook account is not linked correctly.
    In this case please link your Facebook profile with fanSlave
  • It may occasionally happen that several pages are not remunerated. This comes about through fraud.
    We try to avoid this sites, but it can not be prevented 100%.
  • Regularly for a period of 1-3 months, you must link your Facebook account with the app again.
    You will be provided with the following message, which you can confirm by clicking:
    Please click here to reconnect your facebook-account. Otherwise we are not able to update your balance. '

You need a Facebook account with min. 5 friends in order to earn money on fanslave.

A manual / video manual can be found here:

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Why do I often get a capture when I go to the fanSlave or Facebook page?

You must differ between:

1. fanSlave Captcha
2. facebook Captcha

1. fanSlave Captcha

The fanSlave Captcha is to control illicit activities and functions.
It must be ensured that the user is a real person and not a program / robot.
No advertisers are interested in robots and fake accounts.
We will fight this in several steps.

Theoretically, normal users who use the system in the right way will not see  this fanSlave Capture any time.
We have had two days testing with 20 users running and not one received this fanSlave captcha at any time.
Even if it sometimes appears,  there should not be a problem for a real person to fill this captcha.
We will maintain this function for the benefit of our advertising partners.


It is illegal

to use the home page or the 'Like me' link by automated routines. As far as clicks or similar result from automated routines, they will not be counted. This also applies to automated entry of data when logging in the website.

2. Facebook Capture

The Facebook capture is set by Facebook. If you are not satisfied with the function of Facebook Captures, please contact Facebook.


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When you click on a you get 'action is no longer available'

When you click on a promotion you get "promotion is no longer available"

This happens when too many other users clicked before you on adverts and the quota of an advertiser has been exhausted.

If you have not reloaded your Account Overview for a long time, then it is highly probable that old promotions are on your page.
The best solution is to click on "Reload" before clicking an action. Then this message should appear only seldom.

The promotion is still available when the page loads.

If you click, the budget of the provider has already been consumed.
This means enough other users have clicked during your viewing time.

The budget can be configured by all advertisers.


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I cannot get credits by joining a group

  1. Log out from Facebook
  2. Log out from fanSlave
  3. Log in at fanSlave
  4. Click Update
  5. Confirm access to your data from groups (possibly several times)
  6. Then the groups should also be paid correctly

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How often should / must I click the update button?

The Update button should not be pressed after each 'Like' or 'join group'.
It is sufficient to press the Update button one time a day, or at least after the confirmation of multiple auctions.

The Likes / Groups are automatically saved in our system - the Update button is only for the display update.

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Credits for 'Like no more' will not be credited any more

When you click "Like no more" the credits are automatically posted back permanently.
Even if you then click back to the "Like" button, the credits will not be refunded.
You lose in this case the right to participate in this promotion again.

If you believe this was not the case with your account and that there is an error, please contact us through "Contact->Support Ticket".

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