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Facebook Video Likes

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Advertising space for your Facebook video - the advertising will be active until the desired quantity of people like your video.
Photo/Comment/Video URL
number per day

Real fans / likes

for your current Facebook video!


Note: You can specify the maximum number of fans per day and fan site, and distribute the credits on several fan sites.

Additional information for Video-Likes:
You can promote videos from fanpages. Please make sure that it is public.

How to find the correct url?
Visit your fanpage and click on 'Videos' on the left side. Move your mouse over the video you want to promote. Right click and choose 'copy link'.

You buy an advertising space on our platform.
Your advertisement will be displayed until the desired number of interested users have selected your video by clicking "Like".

  • Get your competitive advantage!
  • Save time & money!
  • to generate at a Facebook video many likes can take months or years!
  • We suggest no more than some weeks
  • Make your web site, products, services or other things known - within a few seconds
  • you will reach many targeted people

What exactly will be offered here?

You will receive a service of marketing for the desired amount of likes for your current Facebook video.


We guarantee a professional and reliable transaction!
For questions, please send us a message by email.



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