make-moneyThe affiliate programm

Refer new users for fanSlave and earn money. Just send the following link to your friends, or use this link on your website. Every user who registers at fanSlave by clicking this link is assigned to you.

Lifetime-Commission: 15%

You earn money when users earn or buy credits at fanSlave.


You refer two new users. The first user earns 10000 credits at fanSlave. You will receive 1500 credits as commission.

The second user buys 100000 Credits. You will receive 15000 as commission.

Overall, you get 16500 credits. This corresponds to 82.50 EUR!

New: Get commission by referring resellers

If you refer a reseller, you will get a lifetime-commission (1,5%) for all customers / users the reseller refers.

Please use the following link to refer new users / customers:

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Ref-Rally / Credits-Rally