• Any real existing person may run only one account at fanSlave
  • Spamming of any kind is strictly prohibited

It is illegal

  • to register or connect any social media account from not existing people in our system (so-called fake accounts)
  • to register two or more accounts by yourself with fanSlave and register yourself as your own referral
  • to write to users of the fanSlave system without their consent
  • to use the home page or the 'Like me' link by automated routines. As far as clicks or similar actions result from automated routines, they will not be counted. This also applies to automated entry of data when logging in the website.
  • to copy, duplicate or publish content (texts, pictures or other information) from the website without the consent of the operator.


  • When you click on "dislike","unfollow" your credits will be automatically posted back irrevocably

The Violation of the fanSlave rules will lead to immediate and irrevocable deletion of your account.
Legal consequences remain reserved.