At fanSlave you get amazing Facebook Marketing at very reasonable prices and therefore many new fans / likes for your fan page.

You only pay if your campaign is successful and users like your page. In your login area you can watch the number of mediated likes at any time. You can additionally, if desired, distribute the credits on several campaigns. Just try it out - for new customers we offer a free trial package.

Facebook is currently the most used social network with more than 500 million users in the world (March 2011). Many large and small companies, organizations, associations and individuals are already represented successfully with a Facebook Fanpage.

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(Payment options: direct bank transfer, bank transfer or credit card)

Note: The fans / likes can be selected by country, language, age and gender. You can specify the maximum number of likes per day and fan site, and also distribute the credits on several fan sites.

Selectable countries::

 Albania (Shqipëri)
 Algeria (الجزائر)
 Argentina (Argentina)
 Austria (Österreich)
 Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan)
 Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ)
 Belarus (Беларусь)
 Belgium (Belgique)
 Bolivia (Bolivia)
 Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosna i Hercegovina)
 Brazil (Brasil)
 Bulgaria (България)
 Cambodia (កម្ពុជា)
 Canada (Canada)
 Chile (Chile)
 Colombia (Colombia)
 Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
 Croatia (Hrvatska)
 Dominican Republic (República Dominicana)
 Ecuador (Ecuador)
 Egypt (مصر)
 El Salvador (El Salvador)
 Europe (other) (Europe (other))
 France (Frankreich)
 Germany (Deutschland)
 Greece (Ελλάδα)
 Guatemala (Guatemala)
 Honduras (Honduras)
 Iceland (ísland)
 India (भारत)
 Indonesia (Indonesia)
 Iraq (العراق)
 Israel (ישראל)
 Italy (Italia)
 Jordan (الأردن)
 Lebanon (لبنان)
 Libya (ليبيا)
 Macedonia (Македонија)
 Malaysia (Malaysia)
 Mexico (México)
 Moldova (Moldova)
 Morocco (مغربي)
 Nepal (नेपाल)
 Netherlands (Nederland)
 Nicaragua (Nicaragua)
 Nigeria (Nijeriya)
 Norway (Norge)
 Pakistan (Pakistan)
 Palestinian Territory (فلسطين)
 Panama (Panamá)
 Paraguay (Paraguay)
 Peru (Perú)
 Philippines (Filipinas)
 Poland (Polska)
 Portugal (Portugal)
 Romania (România)
 Russian Federation (Русской Федерации)
 Saudi Arabia (العربية السعودية)
 Serbia (Србија)
 Singapore (Singapura)
 Spain (España)
 Sri Lanka (இலங்கை)
 Sudan (سودان)
 Sweden (Sverige)
 Switzerland (Schweiz)
 Syrian Arab Republic (الجمهورية العربية السورية)
 Taiwan (台湾)
 Thailand (ประเทศไทย)
 Tunisia (تونس)
 Turkey (Türkiye)
 Ukraine (Україна)
 United Arab Emirates (الإمارات العربية المتحدة)
 United Kingdom (United Kingdom)
 United States (United States)
 Uruguay (Uruguay)
 Venezuela (Venezuela)
 Vietnam (Việt Nam)
 Yemen (اليمن)

Selectable languages:

 Arabic (العربية - شراء أمثال)
 Bulgarian (български - Купува харесвания)
 Chinese (华人 - 购买喜欢)
 Croatian (Hrvatska - kupiti voli)
 Dutch (Nederlands - koop likes)
 English (English - buy likes)
 Finnish (suomalainen - ostaa tykkää)
 French (francés - acheter des likes)
 German (Deutsch - Likes kaufen)
 Greek (ελληνικά - αγοράσουν συμπαθεί)
 Hebrew (עברית - לקנות אוהב)
 Indonesian (Indonesia - membeli seperti)
 Italian (italiano - acquistare calibro)
 Polish (polski - kup lubi)
 Portuguese (português - compre gostos)
 Romanian (român - cumpăra aprecieri)
 Russian (русский - купить любит)
 Serbian (Српски - купити ликес)
 Spanish (español - comprar gustos)
 Thai (ภาษาไทย - ซื้อชอบ)
 Turkish (Türk - Sevdikleri satın al)
 Ukrainian (український - купуйте лайки)
 Vietnamese (Việt - mua thích)



The main goals are:

  • Generate attention for products, brands and services through interaction with customers.
  • Encourage Users to distribute business content in their network to others.

If those objectives are achieved, this results in "automatic" further advantages, for example, regarding the acquisition of new customers, increase brand awareness or increase sales.



How it works:

"Fans" can order a fanpage by clicking on "Like" on someone's page. After that, they will receive all your posted news on their personal page. They will share interesting information with their Facebook friends and those will share it with their friends, etc. - so your messages will be spread to many interested people and will lead them specifically to your websites or blogs with more information.


  • thumb_facebook-marketing

    Top Fans / Top Likes
    Increase the distribution of your Facebook messages through a natural development of your fans. All fans in FanSlave network are real people who can pass your messages to their friends.
  • Low expenditure
    Our fan Marketing prices are extremely cheap and calculated automatically. You always have an updated view on the billing.
  • Systematic and honest fan growth
    The like building of the FanSlave network is absolutely accurate and secure. You don't get 1000 fake accounts in one minute - but honest Facebook users, who are interested in your site.
  • Flexible configuration
    Our software offers many custom options for setting up the fan control.
  • Protection against manipulation
    All users will be checked daily by our system on various safety factors and presence.
  • Control
    You have full control over your budget, your marketing campaigns, your fans and your pages.
  • Easy payment lockbox 100x31
    You can easily pay for your campaigns based on your progress through direct bank transfer, bank transfer and credit card or pay by your earned credits for liking other pages.