We have hundreds of applications daily.
In those applications, about 90% are through referrals. (Ref) system

The Ref system works perfectly and was tested over a long time in all sorts of browser and system environments.

The following must be considered:

  • The Ref MUST sign up through your affiliate link (? Ref = xxxxx)
  • The Ref has to register directly after the visit of the advertising link
    (Should not close the browser or the type in the URL without? Ref = xxxxx in a different browser)
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Do not use the same computer / browser to add yourself as Ref.
  • Follow the fanSlave rules

What can you do if something did not work?

  • You can ask your Ref to delete the account and to log in again correctly on your ad link.
    For Information, see the FAQs
  • You can easily test it yourself:
    Install a new browser and register a new account using your ref link

We do not change refs manually afterwards!