According to our research, it is legal to make money with fanSlave.

No laws are broken, and there is no breach of Facebook rules either.

Facebook Terms and Conditions do not contain any restrictions or provisions as to when a user may or should join a page. The only restriction set by Facebook for private users is that the latter may not use their profiles for commercial purposes. The sale of status notifications is given as an example. We can assume, therefore, that only activities referring to your own profile cannot be used for commercial purposes. What happens with fanSlave, however, is that only registration with fanSlave takes place via the Facebook account, which is also the case with many other web services. There is no pressure or obligation to then attach yourself to a page as a fan, so fanSlave users merely receive a reward for joining a page as a fan using the fanSlave service. This in no way represents a breach of the Facebook Terms and Conditions.

The fact that fanSlave rewards its users with a bonus system also involves no breach of legislation. Users can convert their bonuses to fanSlave services or have them paid out; there is no breach of legislation here either.