If you have got a new Instagram account, you may temporarily be blocked by Instagram.
After several blocks, Instagram may ask you to change your password.

This happens when your activity on Instagram is unusual:

  1. You follow too often other people without any other activity.
  2. You use your Instagram account only on your PC.
  3. You do not have a single post on your Instagram profile.

Here's what you can do to prevent being blocked by Instagram.

  1. Do not give anyone your Instagram password and do not use a third-party app (fanSlave is not an app and never asks for your Instagram password).
  2. If you see the Instagram message for the first time - wait 72 hours with "Follow" and "Like" activities.
  3. Use your mobile phone and if possible your mobile internet access for Instagram.
  4. Send various posts and pictures on Instagram in your profile.
  5. Do not follow other people / profiles too often.
    Wait 40 seconds until you follow a new person / profile.
    Follow a maximum of 60 people / profiles per hour.
  6. Connect your Instagram profile with your facebook profile.

-> Through these actions, Instagram should be able to build more confidence in you and you should no longer get the message

Do I risk my account being locked forever?

No, you do not risk blocking your account if you:

  • manually perform all activities on your account.

    Instagram may temporarily restrict some of the features of your Instagram account, such as: For example, "Follow" or "Actions" with the message "Action blocked".
    Don't worry - these restrictions usually do not last long.

YES, there is a medium to high risk of your account being suspended if:

  • You use bots and software solutions (fanSlave is neither a bot nor a software or an app)
  • You use mobile games and apps