1. Your fan site has age restrictions or limitations on Countries

    You can create these restrictions when you create the page itself.
    To change your limitations:

    1. Visit the 'Edit Page' on your fan site
    2. Check these points:
    - Country Restrictions: This country should not be selected, otherwise only Facebook users logged in from the chosen country can visit your site
    - Parental Controls: Set to 'All 13 +'
    - Make sure that the item 'page visibility - only Administrators can view this page' is off

  2. Are you sure your site is a fansite?

    fanSlave does not work with Private profile pages. An important indicator of a fansite is the 'Like' button.
    If on your side is an  'add friend' button, then it is a private profile page.
      More info can be found on fan pages.

  3. Your page is an application page or group page

    Currently these pages can only be entered manually by our support.
    Contact us in this case via e-mail or contact our support ticket system .