Tips-and-TricksBefore you start adding fans to your page, we like to advise you about a few things.

Facebook has a habit of sometimes checking fanpages that go from 0 to 10,000 fans in just a short amount of time, especially if they don't have much content.
Therefore there is a risk that Facebook may determine that your fanpage is not a legitimate fanpage and may decide to close it.

Here our tips and tricks:

  • Build your fans certainly over a longer period.
    We recommend you to generate no more than 5000 fans / month per fansite in order not to get into manual controls.
  • Make your advertising targeted. Try promote mainly for people in your own country and the language of the fan page.
  • Try to fill your fanpage with much content, current and general information.
  • Start at the same time getting fans through Facebook adverts.
  • In the meanwhile start promoting your fan page with other services (eg, lottery, TV advertising, radio advertising)
  • Split your purchased credits on several fan pages and therefore split the number of through advertisements generated fans on multiple pages.
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